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From personal property to company assets

Because each employee originally has a business card, when the person in charge is no longer in office or leave the company, the connection with the person who made it with great care until then is interrupted.
Therefore, by making the business card of all employees into a database in the cloud, the successor can take over the connection as it is.
There is no need to worry about customers being able to take their customers as they are due to the turnover of Thais.  

First of all, let’s start with the database of business cards you have now.

At the time of introduction, we will keep your business card and make it all into a database by our staff.
After that, you can start using it immediately by registering the user.  

Easily register a new business card

The new business card creates data simply by scanning the business card with a free scanner or by shooting the business card with a smartphone on the spot.
Since you can enter detailed information of the customer you met for the first time on the spot, it will be possible to inquire about that information the next time you meet and respond so that there is no disrespect such as asking the same thing again.
The created data will be manually input by AI and our staff within 1 business day, so you can view it as completed data immediately.

Support for sending e-mails at once

You can search for data under certain conditions and extract email addresses.
It can be used for sending sales emails all at once, notification of returning home, etc.  

Can also be used for customer management

On the customer list screen, you can see which company’s business cards are there.
Please use it as a sales document of the company, such as creating a list of business partners as a company and understanding the customers of each individual.

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